September looked a little different this year for the world of fashion.

These changes to runways shows and seasonal reveals demonstrate just one way that the fashion industry has had to adapt in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Designers and brands across the world have met countless struggles and obstacles as they have tried to fit into a changing world that has categorized all aspects of life into “essential” or “non-essential.” High fashion is built around the idea of luxury, as a way to define your status and image in the world. However, this very definition of…

Our world is fast. Our fashion doesn’t have to be.

We live in a high-speed world. Our cars are fast, our phones are faster. We can get anything we want in a matter of seconds. We have the world at our fingertips and are no longer confined to the strict schedules of life before the twenty-first century. In the world of fashion, this means we can shop whenever we want, in-store or online, and be rewarded instantly. It has never been easier to keep up with the latest trends and styles.

Shopping for clothes hasn’t always been a hobby or a coping mechanism. Years ago, shopping for new clothes was…

These designers show that environmentally-conscious clothing doesn’t have to be drab and boring.

When you think of ethical and sustainable clothing, you often don’t think of cutting edge fashion and design. Today, however, we are seeing more designers who center their work about being environmentally friendly while still looking fresh and trendy. With a focus on environmental impact and ethical practices, these designers are looking to bring about positive changes to the global fashion industry through the use of sustainable materials, ethical practices, and reduced carbon emissions.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a big name in luxury fashion, but many may not be aware of her commitment to sustainability in her work. Stella’s website…

Fill Your Closet With Only Things That You Value

Minimalism is in. Excessive and mindless consumerism is out.

In recent years, Americans, usually known for their prolific buying habits and excessive materialism, have been drawn to a simpler lifestyle, one which moves away from mindless shopping and towards mindful decluttering. This movement can be seen in the growing popularity of figures like Marie Kondo and the Minimalists, both of whom reject careless consumerism.

For many of us, the area of the home that would most benefit from simplicity is our closets. Too often, out closets are filled with clothes we…

Nearly half of retailers offer free return shipping to their customers, making it easier than ever to send back clothes that don’t fit. But what happens to these garments after you send them back?

  1. You head online for some retail therapy. You’ve never tried this new brand, so you aren’t sure what size to order. Luckily, they offer free returns! Might as well order both sizes and send back whichever doesn’t fit…
  2. Nothing is more exciting than delivery day! You try on both to see which fits, pack up the other in a cardboard box or a single-use plastic shipping…

By now, we have all come to the stark realization that COVID-19 will have repercussions on nearly every aspect of our lives.

In the fashion industry, we have seen a major uptick in e-commerce. Customers have been flocking to online stores to fulfill their need for well-loved “retail therapy” while staying safe and healthy. A study by Morning Consult shows that 24% of participants would not feel comfortable going to a shopping mall within the next 6 months.

Online shoppers expect their experiences to be easier and less stressful than shopping in stores. This means that online retailers should seek…


Eliminating online returns.

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